Every Journey Begins with the First Step

As you may know, many of us at ModifyHealth are patients too. We’re all too familiar with the stresses and challenges that patients typically face when attempting to discover the cause of their IBS/IBD symptoms. What’s more is the symptoms can often be all-consuming, affecting much more than just the way you feel, but also the impact it can have on your personal, social and professional life.

It was very important to us when we launched ModifyHealth that we created more than just a ‘food as medicine’ solution, but also to develop meaningful connections with those we serve. We recently had the pleasure of getting to know, Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski or ‘Dr. Lisa’ as we affectionately refer to her.

Dr. Lisa is a university professor and researcher, and in getting to know her, we learned of a terrific lifestyle blog that she authors for the modern professional entitled Belle’s Notebook.

Recently, she has published a wonderful 3-part series on her journey in discovering the Low-FODMAP diet and her experience and results along the way.

Part 1:
One size fits all: https://bellesnotebook.com/one-size-fits-all/

Part 2:
The FODMAP diet: https://bellesnotebook.com/the-fodmap-diet/

Part 3:
The answer I needed: https://bellesnotebook.com/the-answer-i-needed/

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