Eat Better and Safer with the Food Is Good (Fig) App

At ModifyHealth, we love partnering with other like-minded organizations who are focused on ‘food as medicine.’ And we love to share these companies with our clients and friends.  

We are excited to announce a partnership between ModifyHealth and FIG (Food Is Good). FIG is a dream app for many because it shows you everything you can eat based on your food sensitivities or diet. Their app pairs with grocery stores and online retailers to help identify foods that fit your dietary profile. Whether you have irritable bowel syndrome, gluten intolerance, or even a really specific sensitivity (like bananas), FIG can help you find foods that you can eat. 

What is Fig? 

Food Is Good (FIG) is an app that was made to make finding food easier when you live with food sensitivities, food allergies, or need to follow a diet. FIG's focus is to make sure it feels like there are fewer restrictions and more options for anyone shopping at the grocery store. 

How does FIG work? 

FIG is very simple to use and makes finding food that you can eat quick and easy. First, you'll set up your FIG which is your profile that holds your sensitivities, allergies, and diets. Once your FIG is set up, you'll be able to head to the grocery store to find foods that work for you. You can scan or search for any product within the FIG app or search for it within the FIG app to see if it is approved by your FIG profile. 

For example, if you are intolerant to gluten then you can scan any product on the FIG app to see if it contains any gluten-containing ingredients. This will help you avoid all gluten and give you the confidence to eat any foods that are approved by your FIG.  

Another example is if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). While the Monash FODMAP app is the gold standard food database for anyone suffering from IBS and following a Low FODMAP diet, the FIG app can be used as a tool that complements the Monash FODMAP app. A person could use the FIG app to scan products in the grocery store to determine if a specific food is likely high or low in FODMAPs. 

FIG is a great tool for anyone who has a food allergy, sensitivity, and anyone who wants to follow a certain diet. 

How Fig Works:

 How Fig Works

How much does Fig cost?  

The Fig App is free to get started. In the free version, you get 5 scans per month and unlimited searches. By upgrading to FIG+, you get unlimited scans, store filtering, and early access to Fig Restaurants. For an annual subscription, Fig+ costs about as much as a coffee per month ($3.33/month). If you pay monthly, it’s $5.99/month. 

Click here to learn more if you still have any questions.  

 FIG Capabilities

Where can I find Fig? 

FIG can be found on the Apple App store and the Google Play store! It is super easy to download and get started today. Plus, they have a couple of different pricing options to give you the freedom to choose how and when you use FIG. 


ModifyHealth and Fig Partnership  

ModifyHealth is excited to partner with FIG because we have similar missions – to help people! We both believe in the power of food as medicine making it easier for people to eat the foods that they want and need without fear or chronic symptoms. We look forward to working with FIG on multiple initiatives to further our missions and to make food as medicine, simple and sustainable.