Tips For Living With IBS

Christine Lothen-Kline, MPH, MCHES, RDN, LDN

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be a difficult and frustrating condition to live with, but with tailored changes in our diet and other healthy habits, many people all over the world are able to live productive and happy lives.  Research, clinical knowledge, and life experience are all great resources to help those living with IBS to cope and live a full life. Below are some tips that can benefit anyone living with IBS.

Get More Sleep

Nearly every living thing on our planet has some kind of rest or sleep schedule in their day. Sleep is one of the most important functions of living things because that downtime is the time the body needs to replace used-up cells and heal itself from the day. When you don’t get the right quantity or quality of sleep, it can impact your health and everything you do.  Good sleep hygiene is even more important when you have IBS. Resting gives your body the chance to conserve energy and heal itself. This is particularly important for healing your digestive tract. Be sure to avoid any stimulants too late in the day that might make it more difficult for you to sleep, to include caffeine, vigorous exercise, and screen time. 

Find Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress can put a heavy strain on your whole body. If you can find ways to effectively deal with stress, your body will be more able to calm itself to get ready for sleep, and you will avoid the production of stress hormones that can negatively affect your body. Try picking up a new hobby that helps you to relax. Stress-relieving activities like meditation or prayer can improve your state of mind. Learning new skills can expand your mind and keep you from dwelling on what issues you may be facing.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Exercise is another way to work off stress, but it also has massive benefits to your health. Physical activity can release hormones that help you to heal, enhance your mood, and improve your sleep.

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