Consistency Brings Real Change

Consistency Brings Real Change

It's that time of year again. People are making resolutions to get in shape, eat better, and live a healthier life. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions will be forgotten by the end of January. Why is it so hard to stick to our resolutions? One reason is that we try to make too many changes at once. Another reason is that we don't have any consistency in our approach. If you want to make a real change in your life, you need to be consistent with your habits. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of consistency when it comes to wellness and how you can achieve success by following a few simple tips!


Be Consistent


What does consistency mean?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says consistency means, "the quality or state of being steady, regular, and unchanging." In other words, it is about doing something regularly and consistently over time. This could be anything from going to the gym every day to eating healthier meals. When you are consistent with anything in your life, you will see amazing results that can only be accomplished with consistency.


Eating Healthy


Why is being consistent so difficult?

Most people understand the definition of consistency, but they don't understand how to practice consistency in their daily lives. The reasons why consistency is difficult is because it can be hard to remember, it can be painful, or we might even feel too busy to be consistent. Change and success both come from compounding daily efforts. Change is rarely ever easy, but as Lao Tzu said, "The Journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."


Why is consistency important?

The truth is that being consistent isn't going to be easy and anything worth working for won't come easy which is why consistency is so important. It is hard to accomplish anything in life without consistency. For example, if you are trying to lose weight or improve your health, you have to consistently exercise and eat healthily. That's easier said than done right? Consistency is the only way to achieve real change in our lives.


3 ways to be more consistent

There are a lot of different ways to be more consistent, but we are going to discuss 3 easy ways to be more consistent.

  1. Write down your goals: Writing down goals and putting them where we can see them can help us consistently work towards those goals on a daily basis.
  2. Plan out your day: Planning out your day will ensure that you have time set aside to work towards any goals you might have whether it is job-related, eating healthier, working out, etc.
  3. Push yourself every day: Being consistent isn't easy so we have to push ourselves to be the best we can be every single day!


Success from Consistency

Do you need help eating healthy on a consistent basis?

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