ModifyHealth: An Extension of Your Practice

Looking to incorporate Nutrition Services into your practice and/or add a new ancillary revenue stream?

At ModifyHealth, our mission is to make nutrition services more efficient and effective for healthcare providers and their patients.

Watch this short video from our CEO, GB Pratt, explaining how the ModifyHealth service can benefit your practice:


Nutrition is a critical form of therapy and an intriguing service line for physician practices across the US. For most Functional GI Disorders (FGIDs), medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is either a first-line therapy or a critical element of the treatment protocol.

ModifyHealth can make managing your patients with FGIDs, IBS or those requiring elimination protocols a lot simpler and easier. By partnering with ModifyHealth (no charge to your practice), your practice has access to all of the necessary resources needed to provide world-class nutrition services for your patients, including medically tailored gut-friendly meals and expert dietitian support (optional).

The process is simple - a healthcare provider simply refers their patients to ModifyHealth and we provide the patient with the support, resources and medically-tailored meals needed to complete dietary protocols like Low FODMAP.

All referred patients have access to a free initial virtual consult with a clinical educator where they receive focused time and attention as well as education, resources and recipes and can then decide to enroll in the formal program. If you already have an in-house dietitian or nutrition support, that’s not a problem. Your in-house nutrition team can provide the support and use ModifyHealth as a resource to make nutrition protocols easy with home-delivered medically-tailored meals.

ModifyHealth Clinical Advisory Board

Our Clinical Advisory Board includes leading experts from academic medical centers and private practice in the fields of gastroenterology and nutritional services.

Quick Facts:


of referred patients participate in the free, initial call with our clinical educator(s)


of patients on our meal service complete their Elimination Protocol


Average patient improvement in IBS-Symptom Severity Score (IBS-SSS) - >50 improvement considered clinically significant

By partnering with ModifyHealth, healthcare practices get access to all of the necessary resources needed to provide world class nutrition services for their patients, without having to build an internal program from scratch and/or hire full-time dietitian(s).

Michael Weinstein, MD
Capital Digestive Care

Making Nutrition Services an Effective Service Line for Your Practice – EndoEconomics 2020

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“We are 100% aligned on where healthcare is heading."

Resources for Your Practice & Patients:

Patient Referral Form
(contact us to learn more about referring patients to ModifyHealth directly from your EMR)

Patient Clinical Education Brochure

Patient Handout

As featured in:

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