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Sample Kit
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Sample Kit

I want to discover what foods are causing my IBS symptoms.

  • Weekly (7-day) supply of delicious, Low-FODMAP meals
  • Select 3 meals daily or the lunch & dinner option
  • Delivered fresh - simply heat and eat
  • Organic, Gluten-free and Non-GMO ingredients
  • GI Specialty-trained Dietitian Support (optional)

About the Sample Kit

The Sample Kit is based on Monash University’s research and consists of the following:

Elimination Phase: Eliminate high FODMAP foods which often cause IBS symptoms. 75% of patients find relief after 2 weeks.

Reintroduction Phase: Reintroduce high FODMAP food types one at a time to learn an individual’s trigger foods. Typically 6 weeks.

Personalization Phase: Expand options and enjoy many more foods than maintaining a strict Low-FODMAP diet.

We didn’t invent the protocol, we just provide the meals, tools, and support to make it simple to complete!

Sample Kit