Top 5 Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet

5 Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet 

If you are looking for a healthy diet that can offer a range of health benefits, you should consider the Mediterranean diet. This diet is based on the traditional eating habits of people in countries like Greece and Italy, who have some of the lowest rates of heart disease and other chronic health conditions in the world. In this blog, we are going to discuss the 5 amazing benefits of the Mediterranean diet. 

Mediterranean Diet

What is the Mediterranean Diet? 

The Mediterranean Diet is more of a lifestyle that has been enjoyed in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. The Mediterranean diet lifestyle focuses on consuming fresh, all-natural whole foods and maintaining a consistent low-impact exercise regimen. The diet itself emphasizes eating whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish, lean protein, and olive oil. Olive oil is a staple in almost every single Mediterranean dish. Olive oil is one of the keys to the amazing health benefits that the Mediterranean diet offers.  

Many people are led to believe that all carbs are bad, but that could not be further than the truth. Carbs made from whole grains are beneficial for your health due to their high fiber content. Fiber is important for maintaining a healthy digestive system, and it can also help to lower cholesterol levels. 

Healthy Fats from Olive Oil 

Extra virgin olive oil is the most important staple of the Mediterranean diet and is used in almost every single meal. The importance of using extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean diet is due to the health benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in olive oil. These healthy fats are beneficial in reducing inflammation throughout the body, which is a leading cause of chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. Olive oil is the main driver in improving hypertension as well as cardiovascular disease. These healthy fats can also be found in avocados and fatty fish which are also highly recommended in the Mediterranean diet. 

Mediterranean Diet Origins 

The Mediterranean diet was founded by Dr. Ancel Keys after his "Seven Country Study." He concluded from his study that the eating habits, ingredient choices, and lifestyle of people living in the Mediterranean Sea region led to life longevity and a lower risk of common chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, that many Americans suffer from. The eating habits and ingredients that many Mediterranean people consume today originate from the Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago. 

Mediterranean Sea Region

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet 

The Mediterranean diet has been voted the number one overall diet for 5 years for a reason. The diet is considered the best diet overall due to its low restrictions, adaptability, ease of adoption, and its endless health benefits. Below, we will dive into 5 main benefits that people experience from adopting the Mediterranean diet. 

Endless Health Benefits 

The health benefits that one receives from the Mediterranean diet are endless. The diet has been put through many clinical studies that prove that the diet can improve overall health and wellness as well as ease and combat common chronic conditions that many Americans suffer from. 

The Mediterranean diet is mostly known for its heart and brain health benefits. The diet has been proven to lower blood pressure, LDL cholesterol levels, and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The diet has also been linked to a reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in clinical trials. The number one killer in America is heart disease so as you can see, the Mediterranean diet could be a game-changer for many Americans. 

The Mediterranean diet is not only good for your heart and brain health but also for your gut health. The diet has been shown to improve gut microbiota which can lead to a healthier digestive system. 

The Mediterranean diet is not only good for heart health and brain health! It is also great for people who suffer from Diabetes, especially type II diabetes. The Mediterranean diet is known for regulating blood sugar levels as well as improving A1C levels for people who suffer from type II diabetes. 

Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits

Tons of Food Variety 

The Mediterranean diet originates from the Mediterranean region, but the diet itself can be adapted to any culture if the right ingredients are being used, which means there is a ton of food variety possible. 

For example, ModifyHealth created a Tikka Masala based on the Mediterranean diet even though this dish typically originates from the East. The fact is that the Mediterranean diet can be adapted to any dish or any style of cooking, which means there are endless dishes you can enjoy while on the diet. 

Healthy Weight Loss 

The diet can also help with weight loss and management due to its healthy fats, high fiber content, and low-calorie density, which are perfect for people who suffer from obesity. The diet's focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein leads to natural weight loss. Cutting our processed foods and processed sugars can do wonders for the body! 

The Mediterranean diet is a great option for weight loss due to its natural, healthy weight-loss ability. Many weight-loss diets focus on restrictions and focus on quick weight loss, which is not always good for the body. For example, many modern weight-loss diets focus on cutting carbs or replacing carbs while the Mediterranean diet focuses on eating a healthy amount of all-natural whole grain carbs per day. 

Healthy Weight Loss

Promotes Life Longevity 

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to promote life longevity due to its ability to prevent and combat chronic conditions. People in the Mediterranean region live longer healthier lives due to the lack of chronic conditions that they suffer from, unlike Americans. The typical American diet contains tons of processed foods, chemicals, and processed sugars which increase the chances of cancer, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and heart disease.  

The Mediterranean Diet Promotes Life Longevity

Super Easy to Follow 

The diet is quite easy to follow! There are no weird ingredients needed, no unsustainable rules or restrictions, and it is affordable for anyone to follow. This makes the diet available to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellness as well as anyone who wants to combat or prevent a chronic condition. There are also Mediterranean diet meal delivery services that can make the process of adopting the diet even easier. 

The Mediterranean Diet Is Easy To Follow

Ready To Start the Mediterranean Diet? 

Are you ready to start the Mediterranean diet for yourself or your family? There are tons of resources out there that can help you get started. Click here to download a Mediterranean diet fact sheet that will help you get started off on the right foot. The Mediterranean diet is great for everyone whether you are trying to regulate blood sugar levels, improve heart health, avoid cognitive decline, lose weight, or just improve overall health and wellness. 

If you do not enjoy cooking, then there is the meal delivery option available. ModifyHealth delivers fresh, fully prepared Mediterranean diet meals to your home with free shipping. If this sounds like it is up your alley, then click the link to learn more: Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans 

Mediterranean Diet Meal Delivery Service